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Australia Covid update live: NSW hits first dose vaccination milestone; western Sydney curfew lifted; Victoria records 423 cases, two deaths Australia Covid update live: NSW hits vaccination milestone, lifts western Sydney curfew; Victoria records 423 cases, ACT records 13
(32 minutes later)
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Barr says the federal government has agreed to expand the current Covid-19 business support payments. Businesses who have already registered will automatically receive the topped up payments. We are expecting Victorian premier Daniel Andrews to speak any minute now. Stay tuned.
NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said that even when they hit 80% of the local population vaccinated (which should happen in the next 50 days), the Territory is going to have to keep border closures to parts of Australia that have high Covid-19 case numbers.
He said that “even in this next phase of the national plan our number one objective will be to keep COVID out as much as we possibly can so we can manage it safely.”
Ballarat will reportedly go into lockdown later today. Premier Daniel Andrews is set to speak in the next five minutes.
Good afternoon everyone, Justine Landis-Hanley here to bring you the news this afternoon.
Thank you to Matilda Boseley for live blogging multiple press conferences this morning.
Speaking of which, we are currently hearing from the Northern Territory’s chief minister, Michael Gunner, who has been announcing the Territory’s plan once it reaches 80% full vaccination. Let’s dive in!
With that, I shall pass you over to Justine Landis-Hanley who will take you through the afternoon’s news!
See you all tomorrow morning everyone!
OK! We will be hearing from the Victoria leadership very soon, with the press conference set to start at 12.30pm (AEST).
Oooh, good news for ACT residents. Barr says restrictions could well ease early if vaccination rates keep going up.
ACT chief minister Andrew Barr is outlining the general shape of the territory’s roadmap out of lockdown once double vaccination rates of 70% and then 80% are achieved. Barr is being asked, why, given NSW has outlined their 70% roadmap in some details, can’t he give ACT residents more clarity on what will change when that milestone is reached.
It seems clear that, just like NSW and Victoria, the ACT now views vaccination, not elimination, as the way out of lockdown. But he won’t be tempted:
Ooft, you don’t see this very often, the perenially calm ACT chief minister Andrew Barr has had a little spat with a Sky News reporter at the press conference.
Here is how it played out.
Speaking of the ACT, chief minister Andrew Barr says, as of today, 75% of the over-12 population in the territory have had at least one vaccine dose.
While that NSW press conference was going we got the ACT numbers.
The territory recorded 13 new local Covid-19 case, with only five in isolation for their entire quarantine period and eight have spent time in the commuity.
Now, as we know, from this weekend Queensland has opened up Pfizer vaccines for the over 60 cohorts (despite AstraZeneca not being recommended to younger people).
The NSW chief health officer, Dr Kerry Chant, says that NSW is not considering this at the present time.
Speaking of the possibility of regional towns locking down:
Berejiklian: Barr:
Berejiklian. Barr:
Chant has been asked if the region town of Young will be locked down now that the health department has identified an infected person who spent time there. Reporter:
From her answer, it seems that option is still very much on the table. Barr:
Just ducking back for a second to revisit this point. I believe this is the first time that the NSW premier has confirmed her intentions to explicitly make it against the law for unvaccinated people to attend venues during the 70% vaccination period of the roadmap. Reporter:
Questions about the legality of this are no doubt going to dominate conversations in the weeks to come. Barr:
Berejiklian: The ACT chief health officer, Dr Kerryn Coleman, says there would be deaths if the territory were to ease restrictions now.
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Here is the long and short of the ACT situation.