Australia live news updates: Novak Djokovic case before court; Victoria reports 23 Covid deaths, NSW 20 and Qld six

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An update from Canberra, where police are bracing for that ‘sovereign citizen’ protest – so far, protestors have failed to show up, after they threatened to “take Old Parliament House”. AAP reports there is a video on social media of people planning to turn up at a park. One speaker said:

There’s an interesting line in immigration minister Alex Hawke’s reasons for cancelling Novak Djokovic’s visa:

We are seeing an outline of the arguments in the Novak Djokovic case in the originating application from Djokovic.

The argument from immigration minister Alex Hawke accepts that Djokovic’s recent Covid-19 infection is genuine (there were questions raised about its veracity in media reports) and that he presents a negligible health risk.

But, the minister said, if allowed to stay, Djokovic could excite anti-vaccination sentiment:

Djokovic’s case argues the minister took an “illogical/irrational/unreasonable approach to … the question of public interest” and his own exercise of ministerial discretion:

For enthusiasts of tennis and federal courts – the latest documents in the Djokovic case are being placed on the public record here. Watch the serve and volley unfold.

The Australian Capital Territory recorded 1,320 new Covid cases in the 24 hours to 8pm last night, with almost even numbers of rapid antigen tests and PCR tests.

There are 30 people in hospital, including three in intensive care.

Get your kids vaccinated, Covid commander Jeroen Weimar says. It’s not always that easy, as Rafqa Touma reports:

Let’s go to Queensland now, where chief health officer John Gerrard is giving an update. There have been six deaths there, and about 20,000 new cases recorded.

Gerrard said that if you have any symptoms you should assume you have Covid and isolate:

He said it was likely the numbers would keep increasing:

Covid commander Jeroen Weimar has been speaking in Melbourne, urging people to get their children vaccinated. He said:

As it stands, Novak Djokovic does not have a visa to stay in Australia. He is, in the language of the Migration Act, “unlawful” and must be detained.

The court has ordered he be allowed to stay in his lawyers’ offices between 10am and 2pm today under the supervision of two Australian Border Force officers. After that, he is to be returned to detention.

And we are done. The hearing for today is finished. We are waiting to see the application and submissions from Novak Djokovic’s legal team – due by midday, and the government’s submissions – by 10pm tonight.

There, we will see the arguments that are going to be put forward for Djokovic staying in the country (why the minister’s decision to cancel his visa was unreasonable), and the government’s case for removing him.

We know some of what the government will argue – that Djokovic’s continued presence in the country has the potential to “excite anti-vaccination sentiment” in Australia. It was argued in court on Friday that kicking him out of the country would do much the same.

The judge is going to consider ordering the matter before the full bench of the federal court (three judges) and will advise today on that.

Tasmania has recorded 1,139 new Covid cases. Twenty-two people are in hospital and one person is in intensive care.

Most of those positives came from rapid antigen tests, and just 255 from PCR tests.

Chief health officer Paul Kelly has been talking about the potential for a fourth booster shot at a press conference:

Health minister Greg Hunt was also there. He said: