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Africa Live: Motorbike militants target Niger soldiers in big ambush - BBC News Africa Live: Motorbike militants target Niger soldiers in big ambush - BBC News
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BBC Monitoring
The world through its media Kenyan authorities ignored "credible reports" about a doomsday cult in which more than 400 members were found buried in shallow graves, a state-funded human rights watchdog has said.
Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary The bodies of 429 people, including children, were discovered in Shakahola, a forest near the town of Malindi, last year.
group has rejected an agreement between the country's military government and UN Survivors and victims' families said that cult leader Paul Mackenzie had urged his followers to fast in order to "go see Jesus".
agencies to deliver humanitarian aid into the impoverished Darfur region. In its report, The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) criticised security officers in Malindi for "gross abdication of duty and negligence" prior to the deaths.
On Thursday, Darfur governor Minni Minawi announced he had reached a deal for aid to be delivered to the western region through a new route controlled by the Sudanese army. "They not only failed to be proactive in collecting and acting on intelligence to forestall the Shakahola massacre but also unjustifiably failed to act on credible and actionable reports," KNCHR chairwoman Roseline Odede said.
But the RSF, which controls majority of Darfur, said the UN agencies had not consulted it about aid deliveries. Mr Mackenzie has denied responsibility for the deaths. He and several of his followers are currently on trial for several charges, including terrorism, murder and torture.
It also accused the "extremist former regime" of attempting to smuggle arms into Darfur - an allegation to which the military government has not responded. On Wednesday, the Kenyan government said it would release some of the bodies belonging to victims to their families next week.
Top UN officials have said Sudan's civil war is "one of the worst humanitarian nightmares in recent history" and could trigger the world's largest hunger crisis. More on this story:
Last month, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said it has only been able to deliver vital aid to 10% of those in need in areas embroiled in the conflict, like Darfur. Behind the starvation cult
This struggle is down to issues such as looting, security threats and roadblocks. The mother who fled Shakahola forest to save her children
More on Sudan's conflict:
Famine looms in Sudan as civil war survivors tell of killings and rapes
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