Taiwan earthquake: People rescued from collapsed buildings - BBC News


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Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

in Taipei

There's obviously physical damage in Hualien, the two large buildings that are partially collapsed.

We've also seen bridges in the mountains collapsed or swept away by landslides. There is also video of very large landslides coming down mountainsides not just into the ocean but into valleys as well.

Landslides have been a big factor because of the topgraphy - this part of the island is a very dramatic, rugged coastline with mountains that go straight into the sea.

There is some video coming from a fishing boat off the coast - which we are trying to source and get verified - showing extraordinary pictures of the vast landslides along the coast, tumbling down the mountains and then causing huge clouds to billow up from the sea.

We will find out if there's more damage to villages and towns in the mountains. We don't know at the moment.



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