Taiwan earthquake latest news: Biggest quake in 25 years hits east coast - BBC News


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Shaimaa Khalil

Reporting from Tokyo

Flights were suspended at Naha airport following the initial tsunami warning but have now been lifted - but it will take some time for the airlines to resume operations with pictures showing stranded passengers.

Earlier, passengers were urged to move to higher floors of the airport terminal building, according to the Naha airport operator.

The airport is located on the coast of the main island of Okinawa.

It has been a very tense morning here in Japan. Authorities may have lifted the initial Tsunami warning, but they’re urging residents of Okinawa and other southwestern coastal areas not to let their guard down.

Japan Meteorological Agency said residents have to remain "vigilant for aftershocks with similar intensity" warning the tide may also change.

One resident Ishigaki island told the Kyodo news agency: "I was surprised when my mobile phone's alarm rang loudly. There have been a lot of earthquakes recently, so I'm scared."



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