Weather holds up Napoli salvage

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An operation to salvage more containers from a stricken container ship off the Devon coast has again been hampered by weather conditions.

The 62,000-tonne MSC Napoli was grounded a mile off the Lyme Bay World Heritage Coast site on 20 January.

All 853 containers have been removed from the deck of the ship, which is grounded off Branscombe.

But work on removing more from the hold could not go ahead on Sunday because of gale force winds.

Deliberately grounded

The weather is also likely to disrupt the operation through next week.

The Napoli was deliberately grounded amid fears she could sink during a tow to Portland, having suffered hull damage in a storm during which her 26 crew were rescued.

She was carrying more than 2,000 containers, of which 110 went overboard and 58 were washed ashore.

About 1,350 containers are still in the hold. They will be lifted off the vessel and taken to Portland in Dorset.

Debris from the stricken vessel has been washed up from Torbay in south Devon to the Isle of Wight.