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Officer injured in Lebanon blast Deadly blast in southern Lebanon
(about 1 hour later)
An explosion in southern Lebanon has seriously wounded a senior officer in the Lebanese intelligence service. A bomb blast near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon has seriously wounded a senior intelligence officer and killed two members of his bodyguard.
Reports say the blast in Rmeileh, near Sidon, was caused by a car bomb and Col Samir Shehadeh was the intended target. Officials said Samir Shehadeh's was hit by a remote-controlled bomb as he drove past the village of Rmeileh.
The incident comes amid a fragile truce between Israel and the Hezbollah militant movement after five weeks of bitter fighting in south Lebanon. Col Shehadeh was an investigator into the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri in early 2005.
Lebanon witnessed a string of deadly bombings in 2005, mostly targeting figures in the anti-Syrian movement. The incident comes amid a fragile truce after 34 days' bitter fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas.
The UN chief investigator is to submit a report on his latest findings in the Hariri investigation to the UN on 15 September.
Arab TV reports say Col Shehadeh was involved in the arrest four pro-Syrian Lebanese generals last August in connection with the investigation.
Earlier reports to the UN have also implicated top Syrian officials, although Damascus has denied any role in the Hariri killing or the string of bombings targeting anti-Syrian figures which followed the 14 February 2005 assassination.
Mr Hariri's death galvanised Lebanese opposition to Syria, which subsequently bowed to pressure to pull its troops out of Lebanon after nearly 30 years of military presence.