CCTV camera thief caught on film

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A Plymouth burglar was caught red-handed by the security cameras he was trying to steal.

Drug addict Anthony Gardiner, 37, thought he could make some quick money by stealing CCTV cameras.

But he did not realise the cameras were recording everything he did as he reached up to grab them.

Gardiner admitted two thefts and asked for seven to be considered. Plymouth magistrates called him a "rubbish burglar" and adjourned sentencing.

£10,000 cameras

Plymouth Magistrates Court heard that he was even caught twice stealing cameras from the same pub, the Railway Inn in Devonport, Plymouth, in July.

The landlord replaced the first CCTV system but Gardiner returned a week later and was filmed as he stole the new one.

Others were stolen from the Hyde Park Social Club, Women's Aid, and the Queen's Dock pub. The stolen cameras were worth a total of more than £10,000.

Gardiner, of Home Park Avenue, Plymouth also admitted possessing amphetamines.

Magistrate Brian Bailey adjourned sentencing so Gardiner could be assessed for treatment.

He told him: "You are a pretty rubbish burglar.

"The easiest option for us would be to put you in prison for a couple of months but this would not help your problems."

After the case, investigating officer DC Sara Thorn said: "I've been in the force for 17 years and have never come across anything like this.

"It just shows how short-sighted some criminals can be."