'Fried chicken' siege man jailed


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A man who demanded fried chicken as he staged a 20-hour rooftop siege has been jailed for three years and nine months.

Barry Chambers, 27, began hurling bricks and damaging cars in Midland Road, Gloucester last June, the city's crown court was told.

Police negotiators agreed to deliver fried chicken and cola to him as he refused to leave the roof.

Chambers had admitted charges including criminal damage, stealing a vehicle and driving offences.

He was being pursued by police in connection with a stolen car before clambering up a drainpipe.

Chambers, of Brook Street, Tredworth, said he would not descend from the roof unless he was given cigarettes and a drink.

Subsequently, residents watched as a cherry-picker arrived to deliver a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Gloucestershire Police later defended the move claiming his human rights could have been infringed if he had not been given food and water.

Judge Martin Picton said: "Having taken refuge on a rooftop of the house you effectively created a siege.

"I've seen the images of people being protected by riot shields as they were escorted from their homes because of the devastation you were causing."