Shark sighted off Spanish coast

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A shark has been sighted off the coast of south-eastern Spain, the second such sighting in as many weeks.

The shark, which is said to measure around 1.5m (5ft), was spotted off the coast near Murcia on Wednesday and on Thursday. Its type is not known.

Several beaches have been closed as a result of the sighting.

Another shark was seen earlier this month in north-eastern Spain, near Tarragona. It was captured and later died at the Barcelona aquarium.

A team of biologists is trying to locate the Murcia shark to examine it and, if it is in good health, plans to lead it away from the shore.

"It's very rare to see a shark so close to the beach, now we're trying to find out if he's ill," said Luis Gestoso, the head of civil protection in Murcia.

The first shark died at the Barcelona aquarium because its dorsal fin had been perforated by a harpoon.

That shark was a 2m (7ft) female sandbar which swam regularly into view and became a novelty for tourists, reports say.