Voices: A year after Gaza withdrawal


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Israel withdrew its settlers and armed forces from Gaza a year ago. The BBC News website and BBCArabic.com asked three Israelis and three Palestinians for their thoughts on the pullout.

RachelNitven, Israel <a href="/1/hi/talking_point/5262830.stm" class="bodl">"After our expulsion, we still feel the hurt and the trauma"</a>

AyeletCaesarea, Israel <a href="/1/hi/talking_point/5262852.stm" class="bodl">"I still think withdrawal was the right thing to do"</a>

RalphRishon LeZion, Israel <a href="/1/hi/talking_point/5264418.stm" class="bodl">"It was something we had to do"</a>

LamaGaza City <a href="/1/hi/talking_point/5263524.stm" class="bodl">"It wasn't a withdrawal; it was a redeployment"</a>

MohamedWestern Gaza <a href="/1/hi/talking_point/5263558.stm" class="bodl">"No reconstruction projects are in place yet"</a>

NidalGaza <a href="/1/hi/talking_point/5264156.stm" class="bodl">"It's worse since Hamas came to power"</a>