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Drivers overcharged by £5m a day for petrol, claims RAC 1 bbc
Retailers make shocking petrol profit, says RAC 4 bbc
UK petrol price jumps above £1.50 as oil costs rise 5 bbc
Cost of filling a tank falls by £5 in July 0 bbc
Oil price still below zero as turmoil persists 4 bbc
Petrol retailers told to pass on fuel duty cut 1 bbc
Less than one euro to the pound at many UK airports 0 bbc
Morrisons cuts petrol price to below £1 a litre 0 bbc
Cost to fuel a lorry is up £20,000 a year, says haulage boss 7 bbc
Moto Washington services defend £2 per litre fuel costs on A1(M) 0 bbc
Petrol and diesel prices reach new record high 4 bbc
Fuel prices: MPs call for petrol price watchdog 1 bbc
Petrol prices at highest in two years, says RAC 0 bbc
Cost of living: 'What do you put first? Food, heating or petrol?' 0 bbc
Manchester United 'is world's most valuable sport club' 1 bbc
Petrol station staff abused over high fuel prices 0 bbc