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Millions braced as energy price rise to be revealed 2 bbc
French gunman Mohamed Merah 'denied' burial in Algeria 2 bbc
Pressure builds on Rishi Sunak to act now on living costs 4 bbc
Rupert Murdoch BSkyB takeover gets government go-ahead 16 bbc
Inflation: Four things that are going up in price and why 2 bbc
Cost of living: Will parents spend less on kids' toys? 0 bbc
Calls for windfall tax grow as BP's profits surge 5 bbc
Fuel and excise duty must be replaced with new tax, MPs say 0 bbc
French election: Macron faces stiffest test as France votes 0 bbc
G20 summit: Leaders alarmed over eurozone crisis 6 bbc
UK children found dead in Spain 5 bbc
NHS London considers nursing cuts 0 guardian
Boris Johnson maintains lead over Ken Livingstone in polls 0 guardian
Eurozone GDP live: Greece growing again, Italy back in recession 0 guardian
Scotland officially in recession 8 bbc