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French Heir Gives Pissarro Stolen by the Nazis to a U.S. University 0 nytimes
France to Lift Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood 0 nytimes
France Wouldn’t Extradite Carlos Ghosn if He Went There, Official Says 0 nytimes
Suspect in Paris Attacks Is Extradited to France and Charged 6 nytimes
Separated by Plexiglass: Visiting My Grandparents 0 nytimes
The African Currency at the Center of a European Dispute 0 nytimes
From Fish to Warships: How a Small Britain-France Dispute Flared 0 nytimes
Scottish cabinet reshuffle: Nicola Sturgeon given new independence role 4 bbc
Man is killed in knife attack in Ballymena 4 bbc
Amid ‘Kill’ Chants, a Peaceful Example Is Set 2 nytimes
Syrian opposition selects Ghassan Hitto as interim prime minister 2 guardian
Europe prepares for another Franco-German tussle in Brussels 1 guardian
France: Congolese General Charged in Refugees’ Disappearance 0 nytimes