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Evidence shows Al-Nusra Front behind Aleppo refugee camp attack, no signs of airstrike - Russian MOD 1 rtcom
Israeli man seeks restraining order against God for not being nice 1 rtcom
Pet Sematary-2: New mass grave of 'dozens of cats & dogs' discovered outside Moscow 1 rtcom
Mall shooting in wealthy DC suburb results in three victims 1 rtcom
Sadiq Khan wins London election, becoming first Muslim mayor of major Western city - reports 1 rtcom
Sleeping with the enemy: 12 of Donald Trump’s strangest bedfellows 1 rtcom
1st Soviet break-dancers from '80s hit the floor again (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
‘Nuit Debout’ goes global: France’s youth-led movement urges worldwide protests on May 15 1 rtcom
Leicester City fans swarm A&E, hospital begs patients to stay home 1 rtcom
North Korea expels BBC crew for ‘distorted’ coverage 1 rtcom
LIVE: Watch Mercury travel across the face of the Sun (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
#Counterpurrveillance: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange reveals tiny kitten companion in embassy (PHOTO) 1 rtcom
Impeachment process against Brazil’s Rousseff annulled, new vote called 1 rtcom
Man reportedly shouting ‘Allah is great’ knifes passengers at train station near Munich 1 rtcom
Bomb threats in 3 Czech cities, railway stations & public places evacuated – police 1 rtcom
Join the Immortal Regiment walking the streets of Moscow (360 VIDEO) 1 rtcom