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Wonking Out: France’s Economy Is Having a Good Pandemic 0 nytimes
U.S. Nuclear Submarine Deal With Australia Provokes French Rage 0 nytimes
France Loses a Soccer Championship, but Achieves a Rare Unity 0 nytimes
An American View of the French Vote 0 nytimes
French Court Rejects Residency Request by Roma Family 1 nytimes
Germany and France Seek to Show United Front on Economy 0 nytimes
France, Too, Is Sweeping Up Data, Newspaper Reveals 1 nytimes
Jewish Graves Vandalized in France 2 nytimes
Uber and Its Executives Are Fined in France 0 nytimes
This Man Is Taking France to Court to Win Back France.com 0 nytimes
Macron announces a new vaccine rule for people 65 or older in France. 0 nytimes
European Union Gives Budget Laggards Time to Comply 0 nytimes
Germany and France Aim to Avert a ‘Lost Decade’ 0 nytimes
France Says It Will Join Air Campaign Against ISIS in Syria 1 nytimes
Suspect Arrested in Jewish Museum Killings in Belgium 0 nytimes
Egypt Buys Two French Warships Originally Built for Russia 0 nytimes