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France Confirms First Death in Europe From Coronavirus 2 nytimes
France Has ‘Overwhelming’ Responsibility for Rwanda Genocide, Report Says 0 nytimes
France Detains 3 Men in Alleged Plot to Attack Military Base 1 nytimes
Trump Tells First Lady of France: ‘You’re in Such Good Shape’ 0 nytimes
David Cameron losing control of party on Europe, says Lord Howe 0 bbc
Omicron is detected in mainland France, but a Delta wave is the bigger concern for now. 0 nytimes
Air France-KLM Warns of Flight Cancellations as a Strike Looms 0 nytimes
They Helped France Fight the Virus. Now France Is Fast-Tracking Their Citizenship. 0 nytimes
Google Wins Tax Case in France, Avoiding $1.3 Billion Bill 0 nytimes
The Burkini Debate: Muslim Modesty vs. French Norms 0 nytimes
Belgium Warns of Possible Attacks by Militants Traveling From Syria 1 nytimes
France, Islam and ‘Laïcité’ 0 nytimes
Crisis in Calais 0 nytimes
In Paris, Multiple Attacks in Deadly Night of Terror 1 nytimes
If Britain Leaves E.U., Some Fear France Would Stop Blocking Migrants at Calais 0 nytimes
Second Frenchman Is Identified in ISIS Video of Peter Kassig 1 nytimes