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DEVELOPING: Police operation & evacuation in Brussels, snipers & deminers called in – report 1 rtcom
US warns of ‘credible threats’ to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya 1 rtcom
What the puck: Hockey fan wins $100k after making incredible 115-foot shot (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
Paris attack suspect Abrini admits accompanying Brussels airport bombers - Belgian prosecutor 1 rtcom
At least 2 blasts reported in Kabul’s diplomatic area after Kerry visit 1 rtcom
Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in Wyoming caucus 1 rtcom
Over 75 dead in temple fire in South India after firecrackers cause ‘massive blast’ 1 rtcom
Syria prepares op to liberate Aleppo, Russia to assist – Damascus 1 rtcom
Ukraine PM resigns 2 months after narrowly dodging no-confidence vote 1 rtcom
1st delivery of Russian S-300 air defense system arrives in Iran - Iranian FM 1 rtcom
2 suicide bombers killed in attack on police station in S. Russia 1 rtcom
10 fun facts about 1st man in space Gagarin 1 rtcom
Rockets from Syria hit Turkish town Kilis, at least 4 injured 1 rtcom
TrUmpFC: Another Trump rally, another fight 1 rtcom
Mi-28N gunship crashes near Homs, both pilots dead – Russian Defense Ministry 1 rtcom
Russian sappers defuse 3,000 bombs in Palmyra in 12 days - Defense Ministry 1 rtcom