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A Belated Welcome in France Is Drawing Few Migrants 1 nytimes
France Begins to Clear ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp Outside Calais 1 nytimes
France Weighs Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, Hollande Says 0 nytimes
Multiple Attacks Hit Paris Area in Night of Deadly Terror 2 nytimes
France Won’t Meet Budget Deficit Target Until 2017, Government Warns 2 nytimes
France ramps up border controls and extends a nationwide curfew. 0 nytimes
France closes its borders to all countries outside the E.U. as cases rise. 0 nytimes
Claims for mis-sold payment insurance are costing banks time as well as cash 2 guardian
France Reimburses Russia for Warships as Deal Collapses Under Sanctions 1 nytimes
France, 2 Weeks After Paris Attacks, Observes National Day of Mourning 0 nytimes
Shifting Tactics Show the Strain on Syria’s Military 2 nytimes
France to Send More Troops Into Africa 0 nytimes
France to Shift Mali Troops to Battle Regional Terrorism 0 nytimes
France to Temporarily Reinstate Border Checks Around Time of Climate Talks 0 nytimes
Ex-Police Officer Held After Air France Bomb Scare 0 nytimes
School Bus Crash in Western France Kills 6 Students 0 nytimes