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Christine Taubira Says Snowden and Assange Could Find Home in France 0 theintercept
State Department Resumes Arms Sales to Bahrain 0 theintercept
Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape: Why First Look Media Thinks You Should See It 0 theintercept
Hacking Team Email Jokes About Killing ACLU's Chris Soghoian 0 theintercept
Homeland Security Chief Goes Off “Going Dark” Script, Says He Can See Plenty 0 theintercept
Justice Department Watchdog Complains He’s Been Curbed 0 theintercept
Jeb Bush Comes Out Against Encryption 0 theintercept
NSA Will Destroy Archived Metadata When Program Stops 0 theintercept
NSA Doesn’t Want Court That Found Phone Dragnet Illegal to Actually Do Anything About It 0 theintercept
Wyden Blasts Plan to Have Tech Companies Report “Terrorist Activity” — Whatever That Is 0 theintercept
Former GOP Sen. Phil Gramm: “It Was an Outrage” That “Exploited” AT&T CEO Got Only $75 Million at Retirement 0 theintercept
New Chair of Committee That Gave Apple Grief Hires Apple Lobbyist 0 theintercept
Senator Lindsey Graham’s Pro-War Super PAC Bankrolled by Defense Contractors 0 theintercept
Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery” 0 theintercept
CIA Torture Tactics Reemerge in New York Prison 0 theintercept
The Intercept’s New Look 0 theintercept