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NBC News Releases the Long-Awaited Trailer for its Summer Horror Film About ISIS 0 theintercept
EU Scrutinizes Spyware Exports To Sketchy Regimes 0 theintercept
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Vetoes Major Criminal Justice Reform Bills 0 theintercept
Hillary Clinton ca. 1993 on Presidents Fighting Rich Corporations: "Tell Me Something Real" 0 theintercept
Immediately After Launching Effort to Scuttle Iran Deal, Senator Tom Cotton Meets with Defense Contractors 0 theintercept
A Letter from the Norwegian Nobel Committee to Barack Obama 0 theintercept
Six Drone Facts from New History “Sudden Justice" 0 theintercept
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s Flip-Flop on NSA Spying 0 theintercept
Charlie Hebdo Offices Attack: Live Updates 0 theintercept
Addressing Mortgage Banker Lobbyists, GOP Senator Mocks Elizabeth Warren 0 theintercept
Intercept Reporter Files Suit Against Ferguson Police 0 theintercept
House Votes to Slow Down Fast Track for Obama's Trade Agenda 1 theintercept
10 Years and $1B Later, Little Progress in Establishing Rule of Law in Afghanistan 1 theintercept
Justice Department Watchdog Fears Redaction Creep Will Obstruct Oversight 0 theintercept
Top Democrat Larry Summers: Democrats Are Crazy and Hate Trade 0 theintercept
UK Tribunal Says Spying Programs Are Legal 0 theintercept