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Several killed and wounded in Kabul blast - Afghan president 1 rtcom
Loader Showdown: Rival builders clash with trucks in bizarre street battle (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
ISIS to target Italian, French & Spanish beach resorts – report 1 rtcom
Dr Pepper falls prey to internet hoax 1 rtcom
New blast in Kabul follows attack that killed at least 28 1 rtcom
Really bad trip: Frenchman on LSD beats girlfriend, hacks penis, & jumps out window 1 rtcom
Giant Trump bobblehead dancers banned from school show (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
Another first: RT streams news broadcast LIVE in 360 1 rtcom
First criminal charges in Flint water crisis to be filed against state and city officials 1 rtcom
6.2 tremor strikes off Ecuador coast days after deadly quake which killed over 400 1 rtcom
Fire breaks out at refugee camp in northern Greece 1 rtcom
Moscow & Shanghai seek to dominate gold trade 1 rtcom
Residents of Swiss city to get free basic income as part of experiment 1 rtcom
Massive blast at Mexico oil factory, hundreds evacuated 1 rtcom
5000yo iceman mummy ‘resurrected’ by 3D printer (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
Baby baboon finds solace in doppelganger soft toy after mother's rejection (VIDEO) 1 rtcom