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Libération Calls for Snowden to Get Assylum in France 0 theintercept
Court Rules Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking Violates Fourth Amendment 0 theintercept
Defense-Contractor Group Pushing Presidential Candidates to Be More Hawkish Arrives in S.C. 0 theintercept
Senators Want to "Blow ISIS Out of the Water" with "Fancy Memes" 0 theintercept
Senator Ron Johnson Dismisses Russ Feingold's Opposition to Patriot Act, Touts Own Ties to NSA 0 theintercept
Officer Involved 3 theintercept
Psychologists Are Rethinking Their Cozy Relationship with Bush Torture Program 0 theintercept
2014 Was Deadliest Year for Civilians In Afghanistan 0 theintercept
New Senate Bill Would Require Warrants for Federal Aerial Surveillance 0 theintercept
Google Exec Turned Obama Official Won’t Describe Magic Solution to Encryption Debate 0 theintercept
Hillary Clinton Condemns Criminal Justice System Her Husband Helped Build 0 theintercept
Reid to McConnell on NSA Bulk Surveillance: "You Can't Reauthorize Something That's Illegal" 0 theintercept
After Two Years, White House Finally Responds to Snowden Pardon Petition — With a “No” 0 theintercept
Appeals Court Won't Rule on Guantanamo Force Feeding Videos 1 theintercept
Cyberpoint's Paul Kurtz, Linked to Spy Tech, Advises NYU in Abu Dhabi 0 theintercept
Obamatrade! Right-Wing Talk Radio Slams Trans Pacific Partnership 1 theintercept