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Russian tanker on fire in Caspian Sea, crew evacuated – emergency agency 1 rtcom
Multiple casualties reported in powerful gas blast in northern France 1 rtcom
Heroic rescue dog dies after saving 7 lives in Ecuador quake search (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 1 rtcom
American ninja: See Japan's first foreigner hired as traditional warrior in action (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
Chicago woman claims sperm bank mix-up led to mixed-race pregnancy 1 rtcom
Blast, fire, evacuation at Washington, DC metro station, fire crews responding 1 rtcom
“Bloody crazy”: River near fracking site bursts into flames in Australia (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
5-alarm fire in Arizona: Apartment complex under construction swallowed in flames (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) 1 rtcom
3 injured, 1 critically in Wisconsin school prom shooting – authorities 1 rtcom
Dutch columnist detained in Turkey ‘over Erdogan tweet’ 1 rtcom
Trump protester dragged from Connecticut rally in chokehold by cop (PHOTO) 1 rtcom
Russian troops plunge into icy water near North Pole during Arctic drill (VIDEO) 1 rtcom
5.6-magnitude quake strikes 100km SW of Suchiate, Mexico at depth of 10 km – USGS 1 rtcom
2 dead, 1 seriously injured in shootout near school in Grenoble, France 1 rtcom
Gulf States oil exporters could lose over $500bn in 2016 – IMF 1 rtcom
Cleveland must pay $6mn to family of Tamir Rice, 12yo fatally shot by police 1 rtcom