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Trump Responds to Idea of Public Campaign Financing With an “Enh” 0 theintercept
New Effort to Rebut Torture Report Undermined as Former Official Admits the Obvious 0 theintercept
Susan Rice Won’t Tell the Truth About Why Americans Can’t Inspect Iran 0 theintercept
Russian Oligarch Wanted to Turn My Joke Into Reality 2 theintercept
Lobbyists Fundraising for Clinton, Bush, Rubio and Kasich Are Coworkers 0 theintercept
Are You There, CIA? It's Me, Siobhan. 0 theintercept
Former House Intelligence Chair Mike Rogers' Quiet Trip Through the Revolving Door 1 theintercept
Saudi Government Retains GOP's Big Data Firms 0 theintercept
FBI Invokes National Security to Justify Surveillance of Tar Sands Protestors 0 theintercept
Chicago Police Put Antlers On Black Man and Posed For Pictures 0 theintercept
Leak Critics Ask Judge Not to Send Petraeus to Jail for Unauthorized Disclosures 0 theintercept
Obama Executive Order Could Reduce "Dark Money" 2 theintercept
Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton 0 theintercept
Appellate Court Judges Cite “1984” to Expand Corporate First Amendment Rights 0 theintercept
Torture, 'Meet the Press' and Cheney's Quest for Revenge 0 theintercept
Medicare Celebrates Its 50th Birthday, Despite Ronald Reagan 0 theintercept