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France Recalls Ambassador to Italy After Minister Meets ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters 0 nytimes
Marine Le Pen’s Denial of French Guilt 0 nytimes
France Postpones Delivery of Warship to Russia 0 nytimes
France: Protest at Nuclear Plant 0 nytimes
Jews and the Future of France 0 nytimes
Time to End the Strikes in France 0 nytimes
The Year in France: Coverage From The New York Times in 2017 0 nytimes
Truck Attack in Nice, France: What We Know, and What We Don’t 0 nytimes
France Says Its Airstrikes Hit an ISIS Camp in Syria 2 nytimes
France to Pay Holocaust Survivors Over Deportations 1 nytimes
Air France Pilots Extend Strike After Request for Mediation Is Denied 1 nytimes
France Arrests Citizen Tied to Terrorist Plot in ‘Advanced Stages’ 0 nytimes
Macron Wants France to Commemorate Rwanda Genocide 1 nytimes
France Is Faulted for Corporal Punishment 1 nytimes
Mali: France Will Seek U.N. Force to Replace French-Led Coalition 0 nytimes
François Hollande: Facing ISIS Threats in France, and Sagging Polls 0 nytimes