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Liverpool bomber had been planning attack since April 3 bbc
Liverpool bomb: Suspect seemed a genuine Christian, says church worker 1 bbc
Liverpool bomber made device with murderous intent, coroner says 2 bbc
Liverpool bomb: Judges had refused attacker permission to appeal to stay in UK 3 bbc
Liverpool hospital bomber had asylum claim grievance, police inquiry finds 4 guardian
Liverpool bomber papers raise fresh questions for Home Office 0 bbc
Liverpool bomb: Police trace relative of Emad Al Swealmeen 1 bbc
Newspaper headlines: Taxi bomb suspect and Covid booster jabs 1 bbc
Liverpool Bomber Had Planned for Months, U.K. Police Say 0 nytimes
Liverpool bomb: Church not aware of converts abusing asylum system 2 bbc
Liverpool bomb: Homemade device used ball bearings as shrapnel, police say 2 bbc
Liverpool Women's Hospital explosion: Four freed as suspect killed in blast named 3 bbc
Police reveal how long Liverpool taxi bomber was planning attack 0 rtcom
Liverpool bomber Emad Al Swealmeen had asylum grievance, police say 0 bbc
Liverpool Women's Hospital explosion: Police name suspect killed in blast 6 bbc
Church of England reacts to claims it's linked to refugees tricking system  0 rtcom