News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Police killer Harry Roberts to be freed 9 bbc
Rwanda MPs condemn BBC Untold Story programme on genocide 2 bbc
Murdered Alice Gross's funeral taking place 2 bbc
Total boss death: Moscow airport chiefs quit over crash 1 bbc
Nathan Cirillo: Final pictures emerge of soldier moments before he was shot dead by Ottowa gunman 2 independent
Fossil fuel divestment campaign targets UCL and BHP Billiton 1 guardian
Tesco chairman Sir Richard Broadbent resigns following accounting scandal 0 independent
Jimmy Carr's controversial Oscar Pistorius joke goes too far at the Q Awards 0 independent
'F*ck your dragons': San Francisco tour guide goes on racist rant through Chinatown on her last day 0 independent
Irish racing under cloud as latest court case lists 36 drugs charges 0 guardian
Everton supporters attacked in Lille prior to Europa League clash 0 guardian
Climate change: EU eyes new green energy targets 0 bbc
Disability hate crime convictions drop, says CPS 2 bbc
Ottawa shootings: Canada not intimidated - PM Harper 6 bbc
Ebola: Mapping the outbreak 27 bbc
Reeva Steenkamp was a victim of male violence. That is the real story 2 guardian