News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Designer Oscar de la Renta dies aged 82 8 bbc
Attacks on Politicians in Ukraine Add to Tension Before Parliamentary Elections 0 nytimes
New Freedoms in Tunisia Drive Support for ISIS 0 nytimes
UK drones: Concern over increase in use 0 bbc
Censored! The journalism they didn't want you to see 1 guardian
Amid protests, “Klinghoffer” takes Met stage and offers – anticlimax. 2 washpo
Washington Post former editor Ben Bradlee dies at 93 2 bbc
Paul Cantlie, father of Islamic State hostage, dies 1 bbc
Brazil presidential candidates Rousseff, Neves look backward to the future 1 washpo
Spaniard Is Declared Free of Ebola 1 nytimes
Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw to Unveil Core Exhibition 1 nytimes
Gough Whitlam, Ex-Premier of Australia, Dies at 98 3 nytimes
U.S., Iraq planning offensive by Iraqi forces to reclaim territory from Islamic State 0 washpo
Kidnapping of Abu Issa, a Syrian rebel, shows Islamic State’s reach into Turkey 0 washpo
Oscar de la Renta mourned in native Dominican Republic 0 bbc
Ebola Outbreak Erodes Recent Advances in West Africa 0 nytimes