News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bali nine: Welcome to 'Execution Island' – the Indonesian holiday resort where foreigners are sent to die 0 independent
Syria conflict: Blast hits Aleppo intelligence HQ 3 bbc
Wind turbines take to the skies to seek out more power 1 bbc
Becky Watts: Stepbrother Nathan Matthews remanded in custody after appearing in court charged with murder of 16-year-old 0 independent
India threatens BBC over rapist interview 0 bbc
Boko Haram: Nigerian woman killed by mob 'not a bomber' 0 bbc
River Thames Garden Bridge: Mayor accused of misleading Londoners 1 bbc
E.C.B. Expected to Detail Bond-Buying Program at Cyprus Meeting 2 nytimes
South Korea US envoy Lippert 'well' after knife attack 10 bbc
Daylight saving time: Why moving the clock forward increases risk of heart attacks 2 independent
David Cameron scared of TV election debates, say rivals 4 bbc
Father of Delhi gang rape victim calls on people to watch 'India's Daughter' 2 independent
How Iran's feminist genie escaped 1 bbc
Gerardus Mercator: How the cartographer's map could be influencing your view of the world in ways you don't realise 0 independent
Momofuku Ando: Google celebrates creator of instant ramen 0 independent
TV debates: Ed Miliband to debate himself if David Cameron continues to 'run scared' 0 independent