News Article Title Version Source Discovered
One man dead and another in hospital after boat capsized in Bideford Bar estuary 0 independent
Abdullah Deghayes killed in Syria conflict: My son the martyr, by father of British teenager 3 independent
Justin Welby: the hard-nosed realist holding together the Church of England 2 guardian
Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham: match preview 1 guardian
Pro-Russian groups to stay put in east Ukraine until referendum takes place 1 guardian
Ferrari use Enzo's old method to recruit much-needed new broom 1 guardian
Caption Challenge: Predator - winning entries 1 bbc
What Adnan and Audrey can teach us about being a British citizen 1 guardian
Caped man 'holding a Toblerone like a sword' on a plane told the pilot to 'fly to Sochi' 0 independent
Russian Opposition Figure Faces Accusations of Libel 0 nytimes
Huzzah for foreign experts. After all, they're better than our own 0 guardian
Former Belfast leader of continuity IRA Tommy Crossan shot dead 0 guardian
West, Texas marks anniversary of fertiliser plant explosion which killed 15 0 guardian
Pakistani towns left in the dark for not paying electricity bills 0 guardian
Pro-Russian militants continue occupation of government buildings in eastern Ukraine 1 washpo
West Belfast: Man shot dead on Springfield Road 2 bbc