News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Glasgow bin lorry crash: Driver claimed no blackout history 5 bbc
German prosecutor sacked over Netzpolitik treason probe 4 bbc
When a brothel spills over into your mother’s garden 1 guardian
Edward Heath abuse claims: Four forces investigating ex-PM 12 bbc
Shafqat Hussain executed: Family and rights groups respond to news Pakistan has hung man who maintained his innocence... 0 independent
Chris Christie: Republican presidential candidate shares details about his sex life in awkward defence of birth control 0 independent
Shots reportedly fired at group of soldiers at Camp Shelby military camp 0 independent
Edward Heath child sex abuse claims: Convicted brothel keeper Myra Ling-Ling Forde threatened to expose former Tory P... 0 independent
Labour ordered to vet members who apply to join party amid fears 'entryists' signing up to vote in Jeremy Corbyn 1 independent
It's not at war, but up to 3% of its people have fled. What is going on in Eritrea? 3 guardian
The Republican debate gameshow 0 bbc
US bookshop offering refunds for Go Set a Watchman 0 guardian
Cambridge University revises guidelines for handling claims of sexual assault 0 guardian
Illegal immigrants to UK face eviction without court order under new laws 3 guardian
King Salman French Riviera holiday hits more trouble over wealthy Saudi's 'unpaid £2.6m medical bill' 1 independent
17 Republicans want to be president. Only 10 will debate. Why run at all? 0 guardian