News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Talks over 2 Sisters' job cuts plans at Anglesey 0 bbc
Man denies causing Chippenham M4 triple death crash 0 bbc
Carlisle sneezing attacks linked after spate of assaults 0 bbc
RAF Swinderby rave police response criticised 0 bbc
Sudan activists call for mass boycott of presidential election 2 guardian
Foreign construction workers stage rare protest in Dubai over pay 2 guardian
UKIP reaches out to women, blaming 'lies' for poor ratings 0 bbc
A Point of View: Why don't men's trousers cover their ankles any more? 0 bbc
Britain's first secret ballot 0 bbc
Woolly rhino skull to go on display in Cambridgeshire Fens 0 bbc
The Palestinians of Yarmouk and the shameful silence when Israel is not to blame 1 guardian
Two men killed following road accident in Ballycastle 0 bbc
Grant Bodell shooting: Man charged with murder 0 bbc
Footballer Andrea Dossena in Harrods shoplifting arrest 0 bbc
Liu Xiang: The highs and lows of China's hurdling star 0 bbc
Nine-year-old Yazidi sex slave raped by 10 Isis militants is now pregnant – and could die delivering the baby 1 independent