News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Ministers to consider new organ opt-out legislation 2 bbc
Do names make us think storms are worse? 2 bbc
How to crash the Oscars’ swag bag and get your goodies into celebs’ hands 0 guardian
Dublin gang wars: council advises estate residents to move out for safety 0 guardian
Police investigating crash after driver fled traffic stop near Nationals Park 0 washpo
Female bamboo shark is due for 'virgin birth' at Sea Life centre 0 guardian
Germany train crash: Several killed near Bavarian town of Bad Aibling 12 bbc
The Latest: EU to deny entry to migrants stalling on asylum 5 washpo
U.S. to Send More Troops to Aid Afghan Forces Pressed by Taliban 0 nytimes
Train crash in Germany kills at least 10, injures nearly 90 7 washpo
Sturgeon writes to Cameron over fiscal framework deal 1 bbc
'Rock solid' Deutsche Bank shares slide 5% 1 bbc
Junior doctors' strike cancels over 2,800 operations, Government says 0 independent
New Hampshire primary: Votes are cast as candidates make final sprint 7 washpo
Armin Meiwes: Interview with a Cannibal documentary sheds new light on one of Germany’s most infamous murderers 0 independent
Welsh budget: Most of higher education cuts are reversed 6 bbc