News Sniffer Overhaul

Monday, June 7th, 2010 at 1:01 am

I’ve given News Sniffer a huge overhaul – the culmination of over a year’s work (on and off part time). The biggest change is that we’re no longer checking for censored comments on Have Your Say. This was an intensive system to run and maintain and I just can’t dedicate the time and resources to it any more. The archive is currently removed but will be restored soon.

News Sniffer’s focus is now on monitoring changes to news articles on the web.

The whole news article version checking system has been overhauled making it much more efficient and easier to maintain. This makes it much easier to add features, particularly additional parsers for other news websites (we’re currently only watching the BBC). Watch this space over the coming months.

The check scheduling system is now much more reliable too, allowing more regular checks of more articles with less resources.

2 responses to “News Sniffer Overhaul”

  1. Irdial says:

    Despite the removal of the comments monitoring feature, this site is still excellent. SOMEONE had to do this, and NewsSniffer does it good!

    Thanks for all your hard work here.

  2. Caroline says:

    Pleeeeeaaaaaaase tell me where I can find the removed comments from BBC have your say now? The pope topic has about 50% removed comments in the first page, and I really want to know what my countrymen think on this issue, that the BBC don’t want us to know. It’s far more important to me than rewording of news items.

    Please help!

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