Guardian articles are now tracked

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 8:04 am

News Sniffer now tracks Guardian news articles for changes. You can limit searches to The Guardian (or BBC) by using the keyword source:guardian or source:bbc in your searches. By default, both sources are searched at once.

If you’re a Ruby programmer, you can add support for other news sources to News Sniffer by extending the Web Page Parser library, the code is available over there on Github. Happy hacking!

3 responses to “Guardian articles are now tracked”

  1. Tom says:


    I wonder if it would be possible to search by byline.

    Also, I have some ideas for statistical analyses which might turn up some interesting results. Are there certain keywords which occur more frequently in ‘more revised’ articles? Are articles more likely to be revised at certain times of day? Could clickthrough data from a URL shortening service be used to estimate how many people read each of the different revisions of an article?

    If you’d be up for opening up the data I’d be interested in experimenting with it.

    Investigative Journalism MA student, City University London

  2. johnl says:

    Tom: the byline should be indexed so should show up in searches, but there is no way just to search bylines in particular.

  3. […] is the nature of the web that the more openness is offered, the more will be expected. Since February this year changes to Guardian articles have been tracked by News Sniffer, a website that has similarly […]

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