News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Somali and African Union troops enter Kismayo 3 bbc
India Trinamool Congress protests against reforms 2 bbc
South Africa shootings: Marikana mine inquiry begins 7 bbc
Ed Miliband invokes British wartime spirit 1 bbc
Rehab for drug addict mums - and kids 0 bbc
Labour views: Coalition with the Lib Dems? 0 bbc
Justin Lee Collins 'blackmailed' by lover 1 bbc
Sweden detains Pirate Bay founder in oppressive conditions without charges 0 guardian
G√ľnter Grass poem praises nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu 0 guardian
Bodies of man and two children found on Hampshire bridleway 0 guardian
Jimmy Savile: the abuse rumours that have persisted for years 0 guardian
York Fairness Commission calls for city to host national Fairness Summit in final report 0 guardian
Brittany Ferries dispute resolved 4 bbc
Syrian army 'storms' border town of Tal Shehab 3 bbc
Khost suicide bomb: Nato troops among dead in Afghan blast 3 bbc
Two men tied up in Newry bar arson attack 5 bbc