News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Hillsborough probe 'to be UK's biggest into police conduct' 7 bbc
Pakistani Teenager in Hiding After Blasphemy Accusation, Police Say 1 nytimes
Firstsource to axe 500 call centre jobs 2 bbc
Turkey sends jets to border in response to presence of Syrian helicopter 0 guardian
Occupy the Pipeline battles fracking threat in New York 0 guardian
Malala Yousafzai: 'Fatwa' issued against gunmen 0 guardian
Arrest warrant issued for Indian airline owner 0 guardian
'No babyccinos? It sounds like heaven' 0 guardian
Tahrir Square clashes pit Mohamed Morsi supporters against opponents 0 guardian
French Alps shooting: photographs taken minutes before murders 0 guardian
Gary McKinnon medical report offers hope against US extradition 0 guardian
Torrential rain warning for east of Scotland 20 bbc
Egypt tensions spark clashes in Cairo's Tahrir Square 2 bbc
Jimmy Savile sex abuse claims: Police follow 340 leads 3 bbc
UN: Six billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world 1 bbc
Greece, in 2012: fascists beating up people while the police look on 1 guardian