News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Newspaper review: Papers focus on benefit cuts and caps 0 bbc
Zimmerman's lawyer raises profile - and incites rage 1 bbc
Girl, 15, dies in La Reunion shark attack 0 guardian
Trayvon Martin, another of so many black men killed in my lifetime 0 guardian
Energy sector should face independent review, says Which? 0 guardian
UK inflation data could force Mark Carney to pen letter to chancellor 0 guardian
Mexico Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino captured 4 bbc
Tony Abbott caught dog-whistling to climate change denialists 1 guardian
Male-Only Membership at Muirfield Encounters Headwinds 0 nytimes
Agent Blames Trainer for Sprinters’ Failed Drug Tests 0 nytimes
UK secures key Metop weather satellite contract 1 bbc
Premier League: Sky Sports scores against BT with Manchester derby 2 guardian
London’s Neighborhood to Show and Be Shown 0 nytimes
Zimmerman Juror Discusses How Verdict Was Reached 0 nytimes
Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper reshuffles cabinet 4 bbc
Baidu buys China app store for $1.9bn 0 bbc