News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Nick Clegg denies cover-up over Lib Dem 'screw-up' of Rennard allegations 7 bbc
I had a horror of religious education. My son's school helped me see the light 0 guardian
BP and Gulf states set for trial over oil spill 2 bbc
Coma cyclist Mary Bowers' father wants hands-free device ban 1 bbc
Oscars 2013: Brave wins best animated feature film 1 bbc
Italy votes in election seen as key for economic recovery 15 bbc
Europe holds its breath for 'Beppe Grillo effect' 0 bbc
This Eurosceptic Isle - The rise and rise of British Euroscepticism 1 bbc
Adele Skyfall wins best song Oscar 1 bbc
New Works and Repertory Play to Company Strengths 0 nytimes
Twitter Hackings Put Focus on Security for Brands 0 nytimes
Long Night’s Trip Across Decades 0 nytimes
Nokia Unveils Low-Priced Phones Amid Intensifying Global Competition 0 nytimes
Pearson says FT is not for sale as digital subscriptions overtake print 2 guardian
Daw Mill colliery production halted after 'ferocious' fire 2 bbc
Paralympics stars express concern over losing disability allowance 0 guardian