News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Wall St and its critics to keep close eye on Obama's state of the union speech 1 guardian
Festival’s Resurgence Has Chinese Sending Manna to the Heavens 2 nytimes
Surgeons struggle in Iran as sanctions squeeze drug supplies 2 guardian
Roger Ebert dies at 70: US film critic with global following 2 guardian
Violent tide of Salafism threatens the Arab spring 5 guardian
US to end ban on airline passengers carrying pocket knives 1 guardian
Need to be the perfect lady? India's motivation experts have just the course 1 guardian
China pours cash into melting Arctic in bid to win influence 1 guardian
Cyprus bailout: 'Trust in our banks has evaporated. It can only get worse' 1 guardian
Barefoot tycoon arrested in Ireland on suspicion of wasting police time 1 guardian
South Africa helicopter crash kills five in Kruger park 1 bbc
Prince William and Catherine continue Scottish visit 0 bbc
US firm SAS to create 94 jobs in Scotland 0 bbc
Edith Windsor statement on supreme court steps – full text 1 guardian
Democratic Republic of Congo braced for more conflict 1 guardian
Iranian human rights official describes homosexuality as an illness 2 guardian