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BNP membership and employment rights 0 guardian
Angela Merkel warns UK will struggle alone if it turns against EU 0 guardian
For centuries, this enigmatic entity has stood on the edge of these woods 0 guardian
Support for young people on journey to adulthood 0 guardian
EADS offices searched in corruption probe 1 bbc
Concerns on consultant who delivered PM's daughter 1 bbc
Angela Merkel rejects UK and EU 'divorce' call ahead of talks 4 bbc
Turkey May Deploy Patriot Missiles Near Syria 7 nytimes
Obama wins, Fox News (almost) experiences the five stages of grief 0 guardian
Barack Obama's odyssey continues 0 guardian
The debate about wealth must start with morals 0 guardian
Boardroom gender quotas are dangerous, says Burberry boss 0 guardian
'No decision' on Dorries future as MP amid reality TV show row 5 bbc
Obama Wins a Clear Victory, but Balance of Power Is Unchanged in Washington 2 nytimes
Jimmy Savile's nephew Guy Marsden in exhumation call 0 bbc
EADS offices searched in corruption probe 0 bbc