News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Helen Glover's Olympic victory parade through Penzance 1 bbc
US country star Randy Travis found 'drunk and naked' 0 bbc
Mali Islamists: UN chief Ban Ki-Moon urges sanctions 0 bbc
London riots: Rival gangs joined forces 0 bbc
Effort set to track air pollution 0 bbc
Standard Chartered shares rebound 0 guardian
The reason the Republican party is not making a meal of Chick-fil-A 1 guardian
Nasa's Curiosity rover lifts its navigation cameras 3 bbc
Voyage of Recovery for addicts leaves Portsmouth 1 bbc
NYPD and Microsoft launch advanced citywide surveillance system 0 guardian
Hillary Clinton's thin gloss on US aid in Africa 0 guardian
Publishing is burning bright 0 guardian
News Corp registers $1.6bn fourth-quarter loss 0 bbc
Riots one year on: Volunteers respond to mentor call 1 bbc
Olympics: Cameron urges school sport 'cultural change' 17 bbc
Bob Hoskins to retire due to Parkinson's diagnosis 1 guardian