News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Riding 31 miles in Coventry on Europe's longest bus route 2 bbc
Obama Presses Immigration Bill as Senate Opens Debate 1 nytimes
Google and Facebook ask DoJ for permission to publish Fisa requests 2 guardian
Newport hair salon gunman Darren Williams: Suicide verdict 3 bbc
Syrian Teenager’s Public Death Reveals Growing Anger as Civil War Continues 1 nytimes
U.S. Preparing Charges Against Leaker of Data 5 nytimes
E.U. Official Pushes U.S. to Explain Its Surveillance 0 nytimes
U.S. Hits Hezbollah With New Sanctions 0 nytimes
NSA surveillance challenged in court as criticism grows over US data program 0 guardian
Europe warns US: you must respect the privacy of our citizens 0 guardian
Turkey protests: Clashes continue despite PM's warning 1 bbc
News Corp shareholders approve breakup plan 1 guardian
BBC Radio 4 newsreader Rory Morrison dies 1 bbc
What facts are the BNP's Nick Griffin finding on his mission to Syria? 1 guardian
Europe alarmed by US surveillance 6 bbc
World shares fall on Japan stimulus disappointment 1 bbc