News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Eye in the sky: Nasa releases stunning image of Helix nebula 0 guardian
William Hague intervenes over West Bank barrier 0 guardian
Export ban slapped on 18th-century army officer's cap 0 guardian
Farming 'shortcomings' undermines case for badger cull 0 guardian
West Coast Main Line row: Should railways be renationalised? 0 bbc
Turkey strikes Syrian targets after cross-border mortar bomb kills five 1 guardian
April Jones abduction: New Mark Bridger movements plea 5 bbc
Turkey's parliament authorises military action in Syria 6 bbc
Labour conference: Free schools 'fascism' claim 2 bbc
Homes evacuated after device found in north Belfast house 1 bbc
Language bill puts Welsh and English on 'equal footing' 1 bbc
Economic battle lines in US election race 2 bbc
Egypt: 2 Coptic Boys Are Held as Contempt of Religion Cases Rise 2 nytimes
Arnold Schwarzenegger's autobiography: the most unpleasant celebrity memoir ever 1 guardian
Matt Nixson and News International settle employment case 1 guardian
Doncaster Tesco lorry drivers to strike over job threat 0 bbc