News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man dies after Leeds city centre assault 2 bbc
Putney attack victim dies in hospital 1 bbc
Syria rebels overrun Aleppo military base 0 bbc
French airport protesters seek safety in the trees 1 guardian
Cameron rejects decriminalising drugs 1 bbc
Belfast flag protests: McGuinness says violence 'orchestrated' 7 bbc
How to boost GDP stats by 60% 1 bbc
Fyodor Khitruk obituary 1 guardian
Do you want to live in a world run by messianic geeks with robot limbs? 0 guardian
Lottery to give £200m to 'forgotten' communities 1 bbc
Police in Perth charge three men over Bute Drive death 1 bbc
Father and son rapists Barry Ford and Craig McKellar jailed 0 bbc
EU collects Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo 1 bbc
James Arthur wins X Factor final 4 bbc
Italian police find stolen Egyptian sphinx 1 bbc
Kate hoax: Australian presenters 'gutted and heartbroken' 6 bbc