News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Israel losing international support, says British ambassador 2 guardian
Romanian concert pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa dies, aged 33 2 guardian
US economy added 163,000 jobs in July as Obama handed major election boost 2 guardian
London Olympics transport holding out - Boris Johnson 17 bbc
Microsoft to drop 'Metro' name for Windows 8 1 bbc
CIA drone strikes violate Pakistan's sovereignty, says senior diplomat 2 guardian
Pakistan 'nowhere near prepared for another major disaster' 1 guardian
US economy adds 163,000 new jobs 4 bbc
Pawlenty dogged by telecom scandal over payments made during 2001 race 1 guardian
Shafilea Ahmed murder trial: Parents guilty of killing 6 bbc
Belarus expels Swedish ambassador for promoting rights 0 bbc
Nasa announces space shuttle replacement shortlist 0 bbc
Rajoy considers bailout options as Spain's borrowing costs fall 4 bbc
Syria crisis: Fighting rages ahead of UN Assembly vote 12 bbc
Japan's FSA raps Nomura Holdings for confidential data leak 1 guardian
Battle for Monte Cassino told in new film by John Irvin 0 bbc