News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Breast cancer cases have soared 0 bbc
Temporary ban for media leak MSP 0 bbc
Air ambulance appeal hit by hoax 0 bbc
Russian officers on spying charge 1 bbc
Sea life fears follow oil spill 4 bbc
Apprentice winner quits prize job 0 bbc
Couple accused of hanging up baby 0 bbc
Snap decisions 0 bbc
US school gunman 'abused' girls 8 bbc
US Senate backs terror trial bill 4 bbc
White House lobbyist ties 'wider' 2 bbc
Sea life fears follow oil spill 3 bbc
Three Lowry works stolen in raid 1 bbc
Health concerns over C4 diet show 0 bbc
HGVs curbed on old Severn Bridge 2 bbc
Tougher rules for estate agents 1 bbc