News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Motorist dies in lorry collision 1 bbc
How Dundee became a world gaming hub 1 bbc
House prices 'up for fifth month' 2 bbc
Attacks on Pakistan city kill 12 4 bbc
Scores killed in Baghdad bombings 13 bbc
Karzai appeals for forces funding 6 bbc
Roll-out for Branson's spaceliner 10 bbc
Refugee pays UK student bursaries 0 bbc
Mind your slanguage 0 bbc
Roll-out for Branson's spaceliner 9 bbc
Afghan mission 'vital for the UK' 3 bbc
Dementia care 'failing' the elderly 9 bbc
Yemen army 'advances' on rebels 2 bbc
Man hurt in double gas explosion 0 bbc
UUP not to nominate for ministry 0 bbc
Parade reversed for US audience 1 bbc