News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Child motor neurone disease treatment clue 2 bbc
What should be done about plastic bags? 4 bbc
Jailed for life at age 14: US supreme court to consider juvenile sentences 0 guardian
Energy companies pledge to measure impacts of large dam projects 0 guardian
Fabrice Muamba's collapse shows how prayer comes naturally to footballers 0 guardian
Foursquare promises 'a lot of love' for UK brands and users 0 guardian
British Film Institute appoints Ben Roberts as director of BFI Film Fund 0 guardian
NHS reforms: Speaker to decide whether to grant debate on risk register 0 guardian
Lowkey, Logic and a new wave of political British hip-hop MCs 0 guardian
Politics live blog: David Cameron's speech on roads and peers debate health bill 9 guardian
Sir Bobby Robson memorial stone graffiti attack 1 bbc
Egypt's Coptic Christians hold second vigil for Pope Shenouda 1 bbc
Judge quits Cambodian UN-backed Khmer Rouge trial 2 bbc
Leveson inquiry: John Twomey, James Murray, Jeremy Lawton - live 8 guardian
Norway avalanche 'buries six ski tourists' at Kaafjord 0 bbc
Bonsai tree trade closing net on near-extinct Vietnamese monkey 1 guardian