News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Poll shows Arabs' dislike for US 0 bbc
US in $200m food crisis response 0 bbc
Gaza militant dies in air strike 0 bbc
Attempts to ban 1947 Titanic play 0 bbc
Berlusconi declares election win 4 bbc
Wounded Iraqi is given £2m payout 0 bbc
Pneumonia 'linked' to pollution 1 bbc
Berlusconi declares election win 3 bbc
Legal challenge for police pay 0 bbc
Google tackles child pornography 0 bbc
Funerals for father and young son 0 bbc
PM and bank bosses discuss crisis 0 bbc
Diseases threat to rare wildcats 0 bbc
Warning over jail radicalisation 0 bbc
Robbery leaves pensioner shaken 0 bbc
Scots house prices buck UK trend 0 bbc