News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Russia recognises Georgian rebels 11 bbc
Russia recognises Georgian rebels 4 bbc
Hurricane bears down on Haiti 1 bbc
Stem cells 'created from teeth' 1 bbc
Muslims in huge Kashmir protest 1 bbc
Kashmir under indefinite curfew 4 bbc
Iraq seeking 2011 troop pullout 6 bbc
Can tennis be made less middle class? 2 bbc
Anwar Ibrahim wins landslide vote 5 bbc
Bank customer data sold on eBay 8 bbc
Symbolism of a stagnating economy 1 bbc
Malaysia orders Aceh refugees out 0 bbc
Clinton to urge Democratic unity 0 bbc
Five alternative Olympics medals tables 1 bbc
Democrats praise 'new hope' Obama 10 bbc
Tortoise saved from rubbish dump 2 bbc