News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Rebels 'seize' Congo border town 3 bbc
Ship grounds above gas pipeline 1 bbc
Woman loses assisted suicide case 2 bbc
Mortgage lending 'rises slightly' 3 bbc
Bond designer 0 bbc
The last soldiers to die in World War I 0 bbc
Mexico passes oil industry reform 0 bbc
Track record: Transport secretaries 0 bbc
Eco-hiking in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley 0 bbc
NHS alcohol services 'struggling' 1 bbc
Single vaccine 'safety' warnings 2 bbc
Goth murderer's sentence reduced 1 bbc
UK couples 'choosing baby gender' 1 bbc
MPs demand action on road deaths 3 bbc
Earth on course for eco 'crunch' 1 bbc
Mortgage lending 'rises slightly' 2 bbc