News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bones found near Fossett's plane 0 bbc
Prison education scheme 'failed' 1 bbc
Climate damage science studied 1 bbc
Warning over pension scheme funds 0 bbc
Light drinking 'no risk to baby' 1 bbc
Employers predict redundancy rise 0 bbc
'Human catastrophe' grips Congo 1 bbc
McCain in final push in key state 8 bbc
'Human catastrophe' grips Congo 0 bbc
Hubble works but servicing slips 0 bbc
Quiz of the week's news 0 bbc
DNA legacy of ancient seafarers 1 bbc
Self-assessment 'switching trend' 0 bbc
Lockerbie bomber applies for bail 4 bbc
Fright ad aimed at smoker parents 0 bbc
DNA legacy of ancient sea-farers 0 bbc