News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Britons in ravine plunge ordeal 0 bbc
Councils begin 'pay as you throw' 2 bbc
New DNA test to solve more cases 2 bbc
Dow Jones closes at record high 4 bbc
Government 'split' on licence fee 1 bbc
'Stolen' girl back with parents 0 bbc
Tories can indulge Boris - Hague 0 bbc
Beckham 'to quit playing in 2008' 1 bbc
Government 'split' on licence fee 0 bbc
UK house prices show strong rise 0 bbc
Uganda restarting raids on rebels 2 bbc
Breast milk 'does not boost IQ' 1 bbc
US killer in sex abuse confession 6 bbc
India to share bombings evidence 1 bbc
Troubled Scarlets seek WRU help 1 bbc
Teenagers 'smoke to ease labour' 1 bbc