News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Hit-and-run cyclist killer jailed 0 bbc
Quintuplet puppy birth confusion 0 bbc
Major summit to be held over jobs 0 bbc
Sudanese 'trousers woman' jailed 7 bbc
Three guilty of airline bomb plot 16 bbc
Zanzibaris seek safety in Somalia 0 bbc
Brazil and France in jets talks 0 bbc
Sudan kidnap talks in second day 20 bbc
Threatened officer 'in limbo' 3 bbc
Women judge, but do they convict? 0 bbc
Election count might be delayed 1 bbc
Threatened officer 'in limbo' 2 bbc
Fresh bid to free kidnapped women 19 bbc
Three guilty of airline bomb plot 15 bbc
Arrests in 'pirate-hostage swap' 0 bbc
Blur Banksy is ruined by mistake 3 bbc