News Article Title Version Source Discovered
What happened to the drought? 1 bbc
Funerals for Amish school victims 0 bbc
Filming resumes on Top Gear show 0 bbc
The point of an arrow 0 bbc
Indian firm considers Corus bid 0 bbc
Cancer patients' 'misery at work' 6 bbc
School on strike over pay changes 2 bbc
Cancer patients' 'misery at work' 5 bbc
Davies questions Farrell policy 5 bbc
Man in court over park stabbing 1 bbc
Ryanair in £1bn Aer Lingus offer 7 bbc
Peter Pan sequel hits bookshelves 1 bbc
Killer's widow pension bid fails 1 bbc
Fury at airgun killer home visits 5 bbc
UK rates left unchanged at 4.75% 2 bbc
Per-mile cover 'to cut accidents' 3 bbc