News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Daughters killed 'as they slept' 2 bbc
Could the UK drive on the right? 3 bbc
Body of Iraq hostage arrives home 1 bbc
Official car use 'reaches Moon' 0 bbc
Sudanese 'trousers' woman fined 1 bbc
Sudanese 'trousers' woman fined 0 bbc
Sudan rejects oil revenue report 0 bbc
India in biggest biometric count 0 bbc
Apartment buyers in counterclaim 0 bbc
Fresh bid to free kidnapped women 5 bbc
Body of Iraq hostage arrives home 0 bbc
World Cup stadium plan unveiled 0 bbc
Drugs charity in administration 0 bbc
Farm worker killed in harvester 0 bbc
Sir Terry to leave breakfast show 11 bbc
Kraft in £10.2bn move for Cadbury 10 bbc