News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Weak' earthquake hits Midlands 3 bbc
Farc hostage escapes with guard 0 bbc
Palestinian football returns home 2 bbc
Mandelson pledges business help 3 bbc
'US troops' strike inside Syria 8 bbc
'Weak' earthquake hits Midlands 2 bbc
McCain 'doing fine' despite polls 6 bbc
'US troops' carry out Syria raid 7 bbc
'Weak' earthquake hits Midlands 1 bbc
'US aircraft attack Syria border' 6 bbc
Iranian president is 'exhausted' 0 bbc
Weak earthquake in Herefordshire 0 bbc
British man missing in Indonesia 2 bbc
Four bodies found in plane wreck 9 bbc
Police 'warned' of race concerns 7 bbc
'US aircraft attack Syria border' 5 bbc