News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Dog attack baby death accidental 6 bbc
Serbia and EU sign pact on ties 4 bbc
Blogger fined for 'menacing' rant 1 bbc
Spoof blogger attacks Harman site 1 bbc
Iranian president in India talks 2 bbc
Mortgage approvals hit record low 4 bbc
Governor attacks City risk-taking 3 bbc
Teenager facing terrorism charges 2 bbc
Police free Zimbabwean activists 1 bbc
More arrests expected in Jersey 0 bbc
Bush defends Syria reactor claim 1 bbc
Refinery talks solution proposed 4 bbc
English party plays the long game 0 bbc
Police free Zimbabwean activists 0 bbc
Scuffles at South Korea torch leg 11 bbc
Way forward on parades outlined 4 bbc