News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Massive' strike in South Africa 6 bbc
Australia backs Dalai Lama visit 0 bbc
Point-by-point: Question time 0 bbc
Burns girl grows new head of hair 2 bbc
Israeli MPs elect new president 1 bbc
Teenagers' bodies found in house 3 bbc
Diana coroner issues cost warning 2 bbc
Blast hits key Iraq Shia shrine 9 bbc
GCSE home coursework is scrapped 0 bbc
Strike disrupts flights in India 5 bbc
One day all this will be multi-occupancy units 0 bbc
Harsh soaps blamed for allergies 0 bbc
Second walkout at power station 1 bbc
Sex crime drug treatments planned 8 bbc
Strike disrupts flights in India 4 bbc
Minister quits over woman's death 0 bbc