News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Critical US contest in Wisconsin 0 bbc
Plan to boost dying children care 0 bbc
Speaker's air miles in spotlight 0 bbc
Campaign bid to protect children 2 bbc
New leads in 1970 murder inquiry 1 bbc
US drops Africa military HQ plan 1 bbc
Finance guidance for new mothers 4 bbc
Campaign bid to protect children 1 bbc
Wanted man found stabbed to death 0 bbc
Deported nationals 'bounced back' 2 bbc
Porsche challenges C-charge rise 3 bbc
Fidel Castro announces retirement 7 bbc
Musharraf foes triumph at polls 13 bbc
Russian ex-minister stole funds 0 bbc
Stolen art is 'found' in car park 0 bbc
'Car bomb' detonated in Kandahar 0 bbc