News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Ministers back 'fit note' plans 4 bbc
'Bad sex' book prize for Johnson 0 bbc
Rise in UK HIV numbers continues 7 bbc
Nasa jubilant at urine solution 0 bbc
Increase in domestic abuse cases 1 bbc
Early release killer wins appeal 2 bbc
Britons struck by cruise illness 2 bbc
French Socialists declare winner 1 bbc
'I didn't even kiss her goodbye' 0 bbc
Patrols to stop kayakers at dam 1 bbc
Taking a snapshot of the downturn 2 bbc
N Korea leader 'visits factories' 1 bbc
Cholera kills 53 more in Zimbabwe 0 bbc
Rapist father gets life sentence 8 bbc
Zimbabwe rivals in S Africa talks 2 bbc
Ministers back 'fit note' plans 3 bbc