News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Pagan police get solstice leave 0 bbc
Pillow 'murder bid' wife cleared 0 bbc
Senate ends Sotomayor questioning 1 bbc
Troops 'at risk' over helicopters 13 bbc
Helicopters 'are no magic wand' 2 bbc
Private schools charity threat 3 bbc
Library book return 46 years late 1 bbc
Postal workers' strike announced 5 bbc
Troops 'at risk' over helicopters 12 bbc
Madonna concert stage collapses 4 bbc
Hartson facing cancer treatment 9 bbc
UN sets new North Korea sanctions 1 bbc
Woman and two boys killed in fire 0 bbc
Sir Fred among Chequers visitors 0 bbc
'The myth of the chemical cure' 4 bbc
Brief encounter leads to proposal 2 bbc