News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Big jump in S Africa sex offences 4 bbc
Boy critical after fire kills two 2 bbc
'Merkel factor' could decide German vote 2 bbc
Lib Dems warned over ballot talk 3 bbc
Pressure on law chief after fine 20 bbc
Brothers tell of murder anguish 4 bbc
Trafigura knew of waste dangers 5 bbc
France to close migrant 'jungle' 9 bbc
Lib Dems: Tuesday at-a-glance 10 bbc
Benefits plan to 'make work pay' 9 bbc
Vauxhall 'could axe 1,100 jobs' 0 bbc
Records of rape crime 'distorted' 11 bbc
Big jump in S Africa sex offences 3 bbc
Gilbert the whale dead on beach 7 bbc
Huhne: Tories 'don't have to win' 0 bbc
'Terror plot' Afghans denied bail 0 bbc