News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gordon pledges to stay on as MSP 0 bbc
Facebook founder apology over ads 4 bbc
Supermarkets admit milk price fix 6 bbc
Cash boost for part-time students 3 bbc
Mugabe arrives at EU-Africa talks 5 bbc
Female bomber strikes Iraqi town 4 bbc
Floods hit homes, roads and rail 4 bbc
Solicitor faces contempt hearing 1 bbc
CIA destroyed interrogation tapes 5 bbc
Life for Rwanda church killings 1 bbc
Lion sculpture gets record price 0 bbc
US job creation slows in November 0 bbc
Rwandan official given life term 0 bbc
Kite Runner boys exit Afghanistan 0 bbc
Nato-Russia tension over Kosovo 4 bbc
'Transplant tourist' defends trip 5 bbc